Our overnight train arrived at 7am. After dropping our bags at the hotel, we set off to explore the city. If you haven’t been to many old style Chinese cities, you’ll find Lijiang very charming. If you have visited other traditional Chinese towns you won’t be impressed by the city itself, as it’s very touristy now. That’s not saying that it’s not pretty and well preserved, though. There’s a ticket to enter the old town, it’s ¥80. In theory, other entry tickets are included in this one too but we tried to go to Wangulou and they asked us to pay … Continue reading Lijiang

Tips for your trip to China

Bring small bills for the subway. Machines usually don’t take cards or big bills. Stock up on tissues. Restaurants usually don’t have napkins and toilets almost never have paper. Don’t forget hand sanitizer. Download Baidu translate. It’s a life saver. You can talk or write and it can talk back to people. Works 1000 times better than Google translate. You can have a proper conversation. Don’t be scared of the language barrier. Locals are super friendly and happy to help. If you both want to get yourselves understood, you will. A smile and some good old gesturing go a long … Continue reading Tips for your trip to China


We land on a HK Express flight from Hong Kong at 10:45h. The airport is quite new and easy to navigate so we’re quickly out. Just outside the terminal, there’s the booth to buy tickets to the city and the buses await to the left. Bus 919C to Kunming station cost ¥13 and takes around 45 minutes. Once we arrive to the station, we leave our luggage in the “Left luggage” as our train to Lijiang doesn’t leave until 21:45h and we want to see a bit of the city. We’ve paid ¥10 to leave our two trolleys for around … Continue reading Kunming