We land on a HK Express flight from Hong Kong at 10:45h. The airport is quite new and easy to navigate so we’re quickly out. Just outside the terminal, there’s the booth to buy tickets to the city and the buses await to the left. Bus 919C to Kunming station cost ¥13 and takes around 45 minutes.

Once we arrive to the station, we leave our luggage in the “Left luggage” as our train to Lijiang doesn’t leave until 21:45h and we want to see a bit of the city. We’ve paid ¥10 to leave our two trolleys for around six hours.

After a quick bite, we head to the city. First stop is the beautiful and serene Yuantong Temple.

There’s not many people around and the day is gorgeous so it’s a nice spot to stop for a while. 

Afterwards, we continue our stroll to 翠湖公园 Cuihu Park. Although most of the ponds are a bit dry this time of the year, it’s still a very nice park and it’s great to see the locals enjoying the sunshine: there’s groups playing traditional music, dancing, singing… All very charming.

We get a lot of looks, a lot of smiles, and a few brave locals, young and not so young, come and chat with us for a bit.

Near Jinbi Square, there’s Nanqiang pedestrian street. In there you’ll find an indoor food market with loads of different types of food, from the delicious fried chicken with chili to the more exotic worms.

On our way back to the subway to get to Kunming railway station, we come across a few nice street food places, very similar to the dai pai dongs of Hong Kong.

A little spicy snack from one of the stands, of course:

We now at the station waiting for our overnight train to Lijiang. Maybe we should stock up on some snacks for the journey?


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