Leshan Giant Buddha

From Emeishan, we take the fast train to Leshan. It takes approximately 15 minutes and it costs ¥11 per person. Once you get to Leshan, you just need to go outside the station, turn right and you will see the local buses stop.

Bus number 3 (¥1) will take you all the way to the Buddha. There’s two ways to see it. One is just buying the ticket (¥90), this way you can go all the way up and down around the Buddha (loads of steep steps) and visit the park surrounding it. The problem is the amount of tourist. We’ve come on a week day and it was still packed, so the climb up and down can take a long time due to the queues.

The second way to see the Buddha is by boat. This is what we have done. You need to get off the bus a few stops before the Buddha, at Baixandong Cruise Terminal. The ride (¥70) doesn’t take much time overall, so it can feel a bit of a ripoff, but you do get amazing views, even from the two guards carved on the stone at each side of the Buddha, which you can’t see if you’re not on the boat.

I guess it all depends on how much time you have and how much patience for queues. We didn’t have much time and were a bit tired from our time in Yunnan and the trip here, so the boat was perfect for us.


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